Classen Construction provides numerous specialised construction and maintenance services. Designing, building and maintaining superior quality, custom-designed structures such as custom pools, water features and decking. We provide landscaping designs and maintenance services and various rain water harvesting systems.

Renovations, refurbishing and building can be a complex and stressful exercise, working within live environments and dealing with existing structures. Classen Construction’s team will assess the building area that is planned for renovations or refurbishment and propose the most effective construction solution, working within the relevant time and budget constraints. Renovating a living or office area? The Classen Construction team will insure that it is a smooth stress free process.

Classen Construction provides the following specilised construction and maintenance services

• Water features
• Specilised swiming pools
• Eco-pools and ponds
• Fire prevention and upgrading
• Roofing repairs and refurbishment

• Rainwater harvesting
• Landscaping
• Mist spray irrigation
• Stormwater management
• Greywater systems

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