Roof and Gutters

Classen Plumbers specialise in all aspects of roof and gutter repairs, from small patch and repair jobs to complete roof restorations and replacements.

Our fully qualified team is experienced in fixing leaking gutters and roofs, gutter replacements, box gutters, flashings, roof restorations and asbestos roof replacements. We work with both metal and tile roofs, offer roof colour matching, and use only high-quality materials and follow best-practice installation processes.

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of your home. Keeping you and your family dry protects both your home and your health. A worn-out leaky roof and blocked or broken gutters can cause very expensive damage to the structure of your home which can lead to costly structural repairs. A roof and gutter infrastructure that does not do its job can even cause health problems by encouraging mold growth.
Unfortunately, a leaky or worn-out roof and blocked gutters will only get worse as time goes by. We offer free consultation and estimates. Whether you have a metal or a tile roof we can help you. By providing you a detailed and competitively priced estimate we will be transparent in what we are offering and what these systems will do for you.

If you have a roof or gutters that need replacement or repair,
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